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About The Thai Room

Trythaishop & Noodle Bar in Wrexham has opened a Thai Resturant called the Thai Room on the 1st floor of our premises at 37-39 St Georges Crescent, Wrexham. LL138DB

Its open from 4pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday closing at 9 and 10pm on Friday & Saturday Weekends its open at 2pm closing at 8pm on Sundays.

Go in through the often-busy noodle bar door offering our takeaway menu passing the retail shop on the left and head right up the stairs. Here, we have tried to make a little corner of Thailand in the heart of Wrexham.

With more and more people taking distant holidays to the land of smiles, its nice to have an occasional trigger to rekindle those holiday memories. We begin this with the authentic décor leading up to and in The Thai Room where some of the wall décor was purchased in the blistering heat of Bangkok’s weekend Market in Thailand by the owners some years ago.

At the top of the stairs you are greeted by a Buddha water feature and to the left a Spirit house.

You will find a spirit house outside of many Thai homes. The belief is that the house has a spirit of ghost that is present there. So, the ghost is not disturbed by the presence of people living in the house, People make a spirit house for the ghost to live in that stops them causing mischief and disturbing the people. Offerings are also made to appease the ghost so its happy in the spirit house.

  • Thai Room Entrance

Creating New Jobs in Wrexham

Through the double doors you can go left to the Thai room or first go right to the bar. There we stock a selection of traditional Thai beers Thai spirits and some more conventional house wines.

The Thai Room Restaurant has its own kitchen and a completely separate menu to the Noodlebar downstairs. We had to change the of one of the items in the menu as the main vegetable in the dish has an English common name of Morning Glory. Add this the rest of the name (The Golden Pork) and its clear to locals that with may get miss understood. So we changed it to its Thai name of Kangkoong & Golden Pork

As we have a retail shop on site with regular deliveries of fresh vegetables from Thailand, as well as the authentic sources and spices that you would normally find in Thailand so we have all the authentic ingredients available to our Trained Thai Chefs as well local meats and vegetables from local suppliers.

Whenever we start a new venture, we bring in a specialist Thai training chef to upgrade our present staff skills. It’s pleasing to see the enthusiasm the staff have in getting involved in new projects, as they know it improves the prospects in work they enjoy and where there is a demand for their skills. New jobs have also been created.

A Little Bit Of History

A completely new menu to that of the Noodlebar has been created which is traditional Thai with our creative slant Providing a unique but very Thai experience.

Our philosophy relates very much to being creative and responsible. Our NoodleBar customers have long been asking for us to provide a restaurant as they believed it is something we could do, and the town has long needed a good Thai restaurant to complement the other places people can eat in Wrexham. People like to try new

things and we hope we are adding something extra to the pot for reasons for people to come to Wrexham. The owners have a saying in Business and that is (don’t compete, creat.) we have several eating places around us which makes it a good spot to please everyone. We have two excellent fish and chip shops we have an excellent Chinese and excellent Indian restaurants near us. As well as some national chains. We very much hope what we do add to the reason people have to come to Wrexham in that a rising tide raises all ships. The economy can be very circular in that many of the local businesses are our regular customers too. The more we all do to make Wrexham an interesting place the better it is for us all.

Our responsibility extends in other directions with our belief in the importance of building the staff and making our place a good working environment and paying a reasonable liveable wage. Many food outlets struggle with keeping their staff, but we are pleased to be a place where we have a relatively low turnover of staff as we do our best to make it a good place to work in the long term.

The owners also have a commitment to the environment in trying to reduce our carbon footprint. Our electric Renault Twizy is an example of this as it is used as our delivery vehicle. Being an electric Quadra cycle which in very unusual and Wrexham certainly gets a lot of attention and is known and recognised around town as the NoodleBar delivery car. It always gets noticed and brings a smile to people’s faces wherever it goes. See it in action in the Facebook video)

In 2015 we posted a video on our facebook page for TryThaiShop and NoodleBar which quickly got over 50,000 views.

Our concern for the environment extends to other areas. Our food waist is composted by Re-food to make gas that goes back into the grid and our cardboard is bailed on site and collected for recycling.

A Family Business

In 2015 we posted a video on our facebook page for TryThaiShop and NoodleBar which quickly got over 50,000 views.

Our concern for the environment extends to other areas. Our food waist is composted by Re-food to make gas that goes back into the grid and our cardboard is bailed on site and collected for recycling.

Although the Thai Room is a new venture, we have been trading as a family run business since August 2008 Gwyn and Jira Ingman, Jira being from Thailand. First opened as an Asian Food Shop in Wrexham after realizing how many people travelled to Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham for their supplies. The local people already familiar with South East Asian food soon found us and we have made many friends from regular customers. We realized quickly from doing local food shows how sales increased of products people taste. At our premises at 20 Chester Street, we saw the potential to cook Asian food and had a café within the shop. This quickly escalated into a Noodle Bar which became more popular than the shop!

We later moved to our present location as just a Noodle Bar and Moved our shop into the same building January this year.

We have the authentic ingredients readily available in the shop and authentic Thai chefs cooking the food as it’s done in Thailand. When developing the flavours to make the sauces for the noodles, the chefs knew the best ones to use to get the right flavour. However, they are not the cheapest ones. Attempts to find cheaper sauces can lead to rejection by the chefs as they know the taste will not be right.

For many of the NoodleBar dishes getting the unique favour cost as much to do as providing the Noodles that go in the meal. We have many regular customers who love the food and shop together with new people finding us all the time.

We are finding the idea of the Noodle Bar promoting the shop and vice versa, is a successful one.

Noodles @ Work

The NoodleBar quickly began to receiving lunchtime orders from the Wrexham Industrial Estate near where our warehouse is now. When a café attached to our warehouse became available, it was offered to us to rent. We took this on and started our second NoodleBar and called it Noodles@work It has easy parking and we deliver around the Wrexham Industrial Estate form there. We purchased an electric van for the deliveries and to advertise our service. Unfortunately, it stopped working and was going to cost too much to repair so now it greets those coming to the Bryn Business Centre on Bryn Lane to let visitor and passers-by know about Noodles@work.

Noodles@work is not just a café but the space there is used for preparation and cooking sauce for our Noodles. We previously used gas stock pot cookers and a very big pot in the kitchen now used for the Thai Room Resturant. It was difficult to use as it needed constant stirring and the heat was concentrated at the bottom, increasing the risqué of it burning. Now we have an electric pot that cooks evenly around the pot and stirs constantly while the sauce is cooking. This has improved the quality of our sauce and made the flavours more reliable and consistent.

Noodles at work opens at 11am ready for lunch and until 7pm so orders can be made by customers before leaving work to collect for their teatime treat on the way home.

As a business Trythaishop try to embrace technology to improve efficiency where we can. We have an App for ordering takeaway food for collection and delivery. People enjoy using the App as its very clear what is being ordered and it saves time compared to ordering over the phone. It is sometimes confusing with us having 2 locations and having to select the right location when ordering as we sometimes get

customers coming to collect from a different place to where they ordered. We have tried making this a prominent message on our app and signs to reduce this but occasionally it still happens.

To look to the future, it’s always the goal to get everything working like a well-oiled machine, but one can never be complacent as if you stop making improvements and getting better it’s so easy to go backwards. So, when everything is in its place as much as it can be, the next project to complete is an online shop.